In a world where technological innovations appears with increasing speed, Pincéis Atlas stands as a reference in products for preparation, painting and finishing of surfaces, conquering consumers in Brazil and abroad, for its commitment to quality and innovation.

Maintaining this movement requires a lot of investment, technical qualification and a willingness to solidify the partnership with construction professionals, with decorators and architects, and with professional and amateur painters.

Advanced technology equipment, efficient manufacturing methods, trained, motivated and creative staff, investments in logistics and distribution: these are the factors that make Atlas a brand present in most hardware, home centers and paint shops, always close to consumer and ready to deliver the ideal tool to the market.

With a physical structure comprised of two manufacturing units, in the city of Esteio - Rio Grande do Sul, distribution centers in the states of Rio Grande do Sul, São Paulo and Pernambuco, Pincéis Atlas responds with agility throughout the Brazilian territory, having repeatedly won prizes for its presence in the points of sale.

Since its founding in 1966, Atlas has continued to grow, invest, innovate and deliver quality products to its customers, always in tune with the world market and the needs of its customers.



Our units:

  • Headquarters
    BR 116, km 258
    ZIP Code 93270-000
    Esteio - RS - Brazil
    Phone: (+55)(51) 3458.5800
    Customer Service Center -

  • São Paulo distribution center
    Rodovia Castelo Branco, 3100, Bairro Loteamento Voturuna
    Complementos: KM 46, Bloco 200, Box 1 ao 7
    ZIP Code 18147-000
    Araçariguama - SP - Brazil
    Phone: (+55)(11) 2135 5114 - Fax: (+55)(11) 2135 5113

  • Recife distribution center
    Av. Antônio Cabral de Souza, 4301, Complexo II
    ZIP Code 53.419-160
    Paulista - PE - Brazil
    Phone: (+55)(81) 2125 1110 - Fax: (+55)(81) 2125 1125